08 February 2015

planNERD Sunday at Timeless Twine!

Today I'm here with the first planNERD Sunday of February from Timeless Twine!  If you use a daily or monthly planner and you're looking for some stamp sets to help decorate your planner, Bella Creationz has some WONDERFUL ones!  I've never decorated my planner before, so this will be a work in progress.

I use a Daytimer planner with monthly and daily pages:

As you can see, the inside pages of the planner are rather plain.  Thought I would dress them up a little!

I really love the pictures and quotes on the monthly divider pages, but I thought they were a little plain.  I spruced up February's page by outlining the large flower with Raspberry Pink Timeless Twine and adding a few Sparkly Clear sequins from Bella Creationz.

I also added some Aqua Blue and Purple Passion Timeless Twine to the monthly calendar page and used the planNERD and planNERD 2 stamp sets from Bella Creationz to quickly put in some deadlines for the month so I could see things at a glance.

I also used Metallic Silver Stars sequins from Bella Creationz to mark off the projects that I'd completed.  My daily pages are still a work in progress, but here's my page from yesterday:

Just a few simple stamps from the planNERD and planNERD 2 sets makes a world of difference!  I really like the "Hydrate" stamp with the glasses at the bottom, as I'm planning to start keeping up with my water intake, but I'm going to have to find an ink color that's a little darker.

I LOVE the "Project" stamp!  It reminds me of all the places I need to make sure my projects get to once they're finished and published on my blog.

Supplies Used
SALE - Raspberry Pink Bakers Twine by Timeless TwineSparkly Clear Sequins - 5mmSALE - Aqua Blue Bakers Twine  by Timeless TwineSALE - Purple Passion Bakers Twine by Timeless Twine - 1 Spool (160 Yards) Purple Bakers TwinePRE-ORDER ONLY - Planner Stamp Clear Stamp Set "planNERD" - Perfect for your planner, Filofax, Erin Condren, lists, journals etc.Planner Stamps Clear Stamp Set "planNERD 2" - Perfect for your planner, organizer, Filofax, calendars, lists, journalsetc.

I'm really looking forward to doing some more embellishing in my planner.  I never knew decorating a planner could be so much fun!  I hope you all have a great week!  Happy scrapping!


Timeless Twine said...

Love it and I love that pink planner!

Ruth G said...

What a fun way to add some personality to your planner! I will definitely need to give those stamps a try! Thanks so much for sharing!