26 October 2012




My tenth-grade English students at Batesville High School recently wrote bio-poems as part of our first nine-weeks study of a memoir and in preparation to help them write a narrative.  I promised them I would write one, too, and would share on my blog (as they also had to do).  They were given two versions of the poem and had to choose one.  I went ahead and wrote both, so I hope you enjoy!  If you'd like the template to either of these, please e-mail me using the "Contact Me" tab at the top, and I'll be happy to share!

My Heart is an Overflowing Vessel
I am leading an exciting life.
My life is as interesting as a new adventure.
I had a wonderful childhood.
My childhood was as calm as the ocean.
I had a cat and no siblings.
I read Jackie Collins and Nathaniel Hawthorne.
I thought I was more popular than I was.

And now at forty-one
I have seen a terrorist attack
I have heard my father cry
I know the unconditional love for a child
I don't know why people murder or abuse innocent children
I hate Osama bin Laden for what he did
I love my husband with every fiber of my being
I've lost my favorite pet
I am looking for a way to travel all the time
I wish I could have my Mamaw back.
My heart is an overflowing vessel.

For the second bio-poem, I feel as if I need to share some previous versions, as this one has been a work in progress as I've traveled and lived across the country.  The first version, written in 2005, was completed when I was teaching a Creative Writing course at Beaufort High School in Beaufort, South Carolina.

Bio-Poem 2005
Caring, fun, sensitive
Mother of Kennedy
Lover of exotic places, my Marine, and chocolate
Who feels happier than ever, glad to have a job, and NASCAR rules
Who fears not gaining custody of her son, losing her husband in war, and another terrorist attack
Who would like a new SUV, time to finish all her projects, and a new baby
Resident of Beaufort, South Carolina (via Arkansas)

Version two was written in 2010 (I think!), when I was teaching English 7 & 8 at Army and Navy Academy in Carlsbad, California.

Bio-Poem 2010
Caring, fun, crafty, sports lover
Mother of Kennedy & Joseph
Lover of exotic places, my Marine, and chocolate
Who feels happier than ever, glad to have a job, and NASCAR rules
Who needs more hours in the day, a bigger house, and a SERIOUS vacation
Who fears losing her husband in war, another terrorist attack, and plane crashes
Who gives all she has to teaching, unconditional love to her family, and extra credit to her students
Who would like to see the Eiffel Tower again, a baby girl complete her family, and her husband get promoted
Resident of Oceanside, California (via Arkansas & South Carolina)

The most current version was written this year as my students were also completing this assignment at Batesville High School in Batesville, Arkansas.

Bio-Poem 2012
Caring, crafty, crazy, sports lover
Related to a World War II Navy Purple Heart recipient
Lover of my sons, my retired Marine, and my craft room
Who feels glad to be home, teachers don't get paid enough, and everyone should see the Eiffel Tower
Who needs a nice vacation with my husband, a teacup Yorkie, and a new SUV
Who fears losing my parents, another terrorist attack, and losing my husband too soon
Who gives unconditional love to my family, handmade gifts at Christmas, and counseling time to students
Who would like to see my Mamaw again, the world with my husband, and a baby girl complete my family
Resident of the oldest city in Arkansas and the perfect house

I hope you've enjoyed this little bit of insight into my life!  Thanks for stopping by! 

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