25 June 2012

House hunting--Day 1

Who knew house hunting was so EXHAUSTING?!?!?  We had a full day of house hunting last Friday and were BEAT at the end of the day!  I thought I'd share some of our prospects, so please feel free to let me know what you think!

Our first visit was here:
This property includes twelve acres and a small pond, along with a shop for Adrian.  The kitchen is pretty open, which is important for both of us:
I think this property is one at the top of our list right now, and there's also a finished basement for my crafty stuff!

Our next stop (if I remember correctly!) was here:
We excluded this one pretty quickly, as there wasn't much storage and no dishwasher in the VERY small kitchen!  One feature we DID like, though, was this:
Yes, you're seeing that correctly--a theater room!  They converted their garage into a theater room complete with comfy reclining seats, surround sound, and a movie screen.  It was pretty cool!!!

I'll share a few more home visits in another post, including a neat historical home that I LOVED but was excluded for a particular reason.  Thanks for stopping by!

1 comment:

Kristie said...

12 acres??? WOW!! That sounds like a winner right there, a special space for you and for Adrian.

How cool on the theater room in the other house!

Happy Hunting!